Entitled Opinions

Another trendy thing to say.

Let us rip this one apart too, shall we?

So nowadays when you have a debate with someone about a difference in opinions, you will either not come to an end of it because like idiots you will choose only your ”side” to defend or you may be able to pose some logical arguments and they will say something like ”You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.”


I will tell you just why!

So these people are talking about an object in this world. This world which is very physical.

So if basically, you find an object whether abstract or physical, you will find its answer right here!

Nothing that belongs here is elusive, it is all in plain sight and can be experimented with.

Even a subject like morality can be worked out between able and willing participants.

So when someone says that they are ENTITLED to an opinion, I feel like screaming ”Yes, nutcase! We all have opinions, just like we have assholes, but I don’t see you lick your asshole so why do you stick with opinions?”

The whole point with opinions is that we wish for them to not exist.

We can all do with more truth and less opinion, I think I leave no one out when I make this plea.

We need to argue with each other to find the truth, not to say at the end of an argument that we were better off at opinions!

You are entitled to your opinion and I my own.

Why the fuck do you even begin then?

If you are so very very satisfied with your opinion, why do you even participate in other opinions?

You are perfectly satisfied with yours bud, go home, do whatever confident people do and sleep.

If you are involving yourself in a debate, you can’t not play by the rules.

You need to know what you are doing in order to be entitled to anything.

Your opinion you need no entitlement for, it is all yours, we have nothing to do with that. You can keep it, dress it, play house with it, whatever.

So next time around, before you say shit like entitled to opinions, examine where you are and what you undertook, perhaps you will see how very inebriated you are!

A society is a very thin string. A lapse here, a knot there and the entire string feels the pull.

The very reason to be in a society is to be able to find a solution to our problem, not to make up your mind about the problem.

The problem exists, just like your opinion and your asshole.

But what to do with it, that is why we meet up.

Please understand this.

It is difficult to forgive a confident fool as much as we would like to be forgiving, a confident fool is the most difficult to forgive.

Because he thinks that he only makes a mistake several times, whereas we see it as a habitual human claiming that his humanity is flawed.

His humanity is perfectly fine, his opinions are twisted, and the worst is, he is OK with them and also OK with discussing his perfectly OK opinions with other people who evidently do not think so.

Your opinions are not perfectly OK.

They come to you naturally, just like shit does.

Do you eat your shit? Your own asshole produces it, do you eat it?

Then why are you so possessive about your opinions?

Where did you get them in the first place?

Not your mind, of course! You see, the mind is a very sharp tool, it won’t speak flimsy arguments.

It is your laziness that makes you hear something, say it without a thought and when it is checked you now own it emotionally.

Emotionally you will assign it the quality of Truth, you will call it your own personal Truth, or Alternative facts, or whatever else words they come up with.

You will keep on destroying your relationship with your friends, family, society and then say but I didn’t cause the war!

What is so bad in saying, ”Hey I heard a lot about that but I didn’t quite fathom it, is anyone aware of what’s going on with blah blah blah?”

Simple right? You will have the conversation you wanted on the dinner table, information gets exchanged, you can give your point of view, and then we all go home and think about our evening before we fall to the bed.

But no! You would rather try to look smart while you look just phoney and then claim that your Opinions are your Entitlements.

Go home!

Go the fuck home!




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