My Confessions

Dear Reader,

I have observed that the world is touted to be perfect on social media. But we all know that we are far from it.

Great selfies, awesome vacations and fancy stuff is all over the internet as a part of everyone’s life.

How can this be if the depression rate is at an all time high? How can a world that appears to smile so much be so very sad?

The answer could be in those very pictures. We use sticks now to click our own pictures, selfies are a phenomenon more popular than pictures themselves.

How did we come to a point where we are afraid to make new friends, how come we don’t ask others to be in that picture with us?

Selfies are lonely, and that is probably the graphic proof of our depression.

So why are we still faking? Why not confess our troubles and let the world know that we are just as lonely as everyone else?

Why make everyone feel that you don’t need them because you have a stick?

So I will start now with my confessions of failures, instead of faking my achievements.

If you find this endearing, join me.