Our Crooked World

Let me bitch a little bit!

I watch, I watch with my own two eyes that every problem the world has can be solved in no time.

The only glitch in this matter is that we have to go through the society’s convoluted ways to meet our ends.

We have, like fools, planted blocks in our own roads.

Each and everything that we call a human invention is invented by a human that no longer lives, but see, how we are still paying for the same shit everyone can make at home!

The objects that we pay for, be it a house or a toy, is made out of substances freely available in nature. What we make of it is also of ideas observed in nature.

A car, for example, is made in our own likeness.

It takes fuel, it combusts that fuel and releases it in the air.

Just like we do with objects freely available in nature.

So why are electric cars taking this long to show up? When everyone knows how to fashion one in their own backyard?

Then there is the problem of food.

Simple solution, PLANT TREES!

That is what you are eating anyway!

So why are you cutting them to give you jobs with which you are going to eat what grew out of a tree or nowadays a lab?

A Human just about needs food, water and shelter.

That is what we are working for right?

Food, water and shelter?

So how did we get to running out of food even when the land is right here and can be worked on, water even when it pours generously and we have great water systems already in place, and shelter, again, right here – what the fuck are we looking for?

I have no qualms about how my ancestors ran their lands, but I am really not in collaboration with what is happening. I am a democratic citizen, or at least that is what I am made to believe, but my vote on this idea is a big fat NO!


Look at us go!

The Earth is raped left right and centre.

Damn, the footage on fishing and slaughtering of animals is grotesque, to say the least.

It shocked me to my very core. I threw up for several days because my mind couldn’t digest what it intook.

I was terrified for days after that.

I made shocking announcements of being an ascetic.

Bear in mind, I myself don’t think that asceticism is of value; but the current situation warrants it if nothing else.

I gave up food, all kinds. Even plants. I ate very little and drank too little too.

I didn’t flush until I peed at least 3 times and I used as little water as I could. I sat in darkness to conserve electricity and gave up going out so I don’t use fuel.

I did it all and I didn’t feel like I was performing a sacrifice. It actually brought me to my senses and I started to think a lot.

Each act of mine I evaluated to the core just to be sure that I was in the clear.

I realised for the first time that as a human I only about eat, shit and sleep.

Every other activity is to facilitate any or all of these.

Think about it, every cost of yours is actually linked to one of these processes of living.

So eating is related to food, and so is medical insurance. Your physical body is in danger because of the other physical aspects of nature.

Shitting again will bring you to the doctor or nature.

Sleeping, damn, security costs, budgets, political systems, etc. all were designed so we have a good night’s sleep without worries.

But look, these three activities we pay least attention to and hence, when they suffer we suffer.

70% of our diseases are psychosomatic in nature. Meaning caused by the stress of the mind.

20% of our food directly goes to our brain, that is how valuable that organ is to our entire being.

But yet, the very capacity of that organ is undermined in our society.

I can’t remember how many people I saw who just couldn’t see their own merits.

I mean, these were fabulous people and yet they were so submitted to the laws of the land that they saw no potential within themselves.

I don’t understand who will stop you if you just clean your street?

I don’t understand why are you afraid of sharing your meal with someone who has none?

I don’t understand that you would rather protect yourself from hungry people than just help melt their hunger?

Hunger needs food, yet we invent locks and guns.

If you are protecting yourself from something, then that thing has to pose a threat to you.

If it does so, it must have a motive. There is no crime without motive.

So if we know the motive is hunger, just don’t steal!

We all know that this game is rigged beyond belief.

Then why are we certain that we can fix it through it?

Isn’t it a tad too optimistic to expect one of us to rise above the shambles and still be good, right?

So why are we so surprised when our leaders betray us?

I mean, look at the damn game!

It is rigged!

So now when we want our heroes to come out and say what is needed, people say oh, but he can’t say that now. You see, he is playing by the rules!

But let us agree that the rules suck! They are broken! So broken we don’t know the extent of it!

So when we all know this, why are we simply not saying that Hey, things got out of hand there a bit. Let us back up?

Isn’t it reasonable for us all to admit that a chat is needed? A conversation, a debate is needed.

Let us just stop for a few days to just speak.

Perhaps, we will realise that our jobs are a joke and we are working for a very few people.

That we are probably kept away from homes so we don’t smarten up.

And that is probably why our jobs entail a certain kind of repetition and a certain kind of authority.

Both are required for a monarchy to function. Repetition and Degradation.

You will not listen to a big boss if you are not in a habit of listening to a smaller boss.

You will also not ask for more when you are conditioned to like what you have.

So please, try and see what is happening to you and put an end to it. As soon as you stop, this whole problem will go away.

If you don’t supply your energy to their machines, they cannot fish the life out of us.

If you don’t supply fuel to the people who run that enterprise, the mass slaughter of animals and humans won’t happen.

It is all of us collectively sharing this horrible horrible sin.

Every 3rd person will be in a slum by 2050. I am not making this shit up.

This is exactly when my child, if I had one, will be an adult.

Her life will be 1 out of 3 chance to slumhood.

And her slum will have more criminals than mine did.

More poor people more desperation more crime.

It is very simple.

So the solution can be as simple as this.


Just stop.

What will you lose? Everything you want is given by nature.








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