Scams and Frauds

Let us understand first what is a scam or a fraud?

A dishonest scheme.

What does dishonest mean?

Intending to mislead or cheat.

Behaving or prone to behave in an untrustworthy, deceitful, or insincere way.

There are other words in the English Language for this act. Racketeering, swindling, diddling, tricking, etc.

Since this act is human, human beings have given them a variety of names.

This act is as old as nature itself.

That is why we see it in every creature.

Humans are no different, but because humans have the intelligence to come together, this act can magnify and destroy our world.

I have been a generational victim of this.

My grandfather jumped in the well and killed himself because he owed debt on his land.

My father caught himself in a property feud and they killed him.

And here I am in a dispute that my own city planned against me.

All the institutions of democracy have their stamp on whatever few papers I received for this home.

The journalists advertised it, the local governance approved it, the national banks funded it, the law enforcement protected it and even common society recommended it.

In India, for a woman, it is crucial to secure some money and land.

So when I was able to make some money, my friend recommended this flat to me.

It sounded good, the images looked good, the sample flat looked good.

I trust my friend, he is a Captain of a merchant navy ship.

His father has served the navy.

Was I wrong in believing him?

Nope! He has always wished well for me. As a father figure he gave me the best guidance he could to secure my future in my world.

I booked the flat.

I was 24 at the time. The new workforce of India! The one that went abroad and sent the money back home. To be able to buy a home.

I worked in other nations, and brought the money back to Kalpataru in a timely manner.

I was told that this is a payment to project kind of a scheme.

Wherein I will send payments as and when the work progresses. This is why it was crucial to be on time with the payment.

If I was late the flat would be late. So I was on time.

Cut to 4 years later, I arrive with my husband and we see a very different reality than what we had promised.

Indeed, the place was so awful that we could not even think about ideas to fix it.

The whole home was done as though the person doing it was only paid a fraction of what he was supposed to be paid.

I was appalled. My husband shocked.

Now you need to remember that both him and I have our permanent addresses attached to that flat and I won’t accept the flat in its present conditions.

So we asked for our money back obviously!

You told me that I will get a blanket but then you gave me rags.

Of course, I will get my money back.

But she refuses to acknowledge that part of the clause.

She calls herself the creator of the contract.

She knows the law and the people who enforce it.

But what she hasn’t quite fathomed about the law is that it strives to maintain equality in society.

It creates harmony in society. It makes music of us.

If it is unequal, then we call it slavery.

And in a free country, I shan’t be made a slave.






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