My Childhood Stories

Dear Reader,

My school system was designed according to the state level public education.

I am not completely happy with it and understood that my school did what it could to benefit me.

I was a very enthusiastic student (my classmates who bullied me will testify to this).

Always eager to learn and grow as evident by the first few entries in my very first Diary. (I simply wrote ‘I went to school today and learnt blah blah blah’).

I really love to learn, so much so that I buy more books than I do food, I sometimes laugh at myself for being so greedy.

I am convincedĀ gentle Reader that I am, indeed, a processing unit of every data I receive.

I am also extremely egoistic so I demand only good reliable information from my body, which I think is my input device.

I simultaneously work toward my output skills (writing and speaking) to ensure that I can contribute my skills to the betterment of our world.

I do believe that we all have one such gift and it is our duty to develop and present it.

My childhood was full of stories, stories that eventually shaped me.

I was told once that food is the fuel of our body and knowledge that of the soul.

So, like food, I am sharing my knowledge too.