The Industrious Crow

One time a thirsty crow was looking for water and found it in a pot.

However, the water was too little and the crow’s neck too short.

Thirsty and frustrated, he craned his neck as far as he could but to no avail.

Disheartened and dejected, he sat back for a bit and contemplated his misery.

While feeling sorry for himself, he observed littles pebbles around him. Something in his mind lit up and he picked the pebbles one by one and dropped them into the pot.

The water level rose and he could finally drink from it.

Content with himself, the bird flew away.

The value I learnt from this story – Every obstacle is a learning opportunity.

If the Crow had given up and flown off to find an easier drink, he would have missed the opportunity to apply Archimedes’ method of displacement.


With a little patience and careful consideration we can find a way out of a labyrinth, the purpose of a labyrinth is to make getting out fun!

Life is just like that – if I had everything available for me, life would seem dull and hence, meaningless.

So instead of feeling disheartened, I could simply treat my hardship as a game, of which I must know the rules, and then set about untangling my equation.

Necessity is the Mother of all Inventions.

If the bird didn’t feel that thirsty, it would have endeavoured to find a simpler solution, but his desperation made him a genius!

What we perceive of our situation is just our perception. If the Crow perceives it as misery then he will think of no ideas and probably die – but if he sees it as a challenge, he will be more of a genius than otherwise.

We too can endeavour to attain such genius by simply being a little bit in need. A little bit thirsty and hence, just a little bit more industrious.