The Silly Milkmaid

Once upon a time, there lived a regular Milkmaid with a regular job and regular imagination.

She milked one cow for a farmer and sold the milk in the market keeping half the profits. She had worked out a deal that satisfied her just fine – until the day her cow gave her exceptionally creamy milk.

The Milkmaid couldn’t believe her luck. She was exhilarated and carefully milked the cow until she collected the last drop in her pail.

She then placed her pail on her head and started to walk toward the market. So happy – the naïve girl let her imagination run wild.

It began with calculating how much the milk was worth. When she realised that it was substantially more than the usual amount she earned, she decided that she will buy herself a chicken.

A chicken who will give her 2 eggs per day, out of which she will sell one and let the other hatch. Then there will be two chickens and the money she collects with the sold eggs will buy her a third one.

silly milkmaid

She will keep collecting half the eggs and with that money, she will keep buying more chickens which will produce more eggs and this way she will have a full fledged poultry farm.

She wouldn’t have to work for the farmer anymore and she could even buy her own cow. And so when she will have enough money, she will reward her hard-work by buying herself a yellow dress.

A yellow dress that will have lace on the hem and sequins on the collar. She will look magnificent while walking in the market on a Sunday morning.

The boys will be filled with awe and would probably call out to her; and when they do, she will toss her head – but lo and behold, she got so carried away in her imagination that she actually tossed her head and watched her golden milk spill along with her aspirations.

The value I learnt from this story

concentrate on only the next step, looking so far into the future may cause you to misjudge your present situation.

The elders also wrote, ‘Look before you leap’ – to help us understand that you can’t jump that far without calculating the dimensions of your obstacles.

Look to the sky with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

An ambitious fool is just as silly as the unambitious genius.

Find the golden middle ground.