The Baggage of Yesterday

Who I am is largely related to what I have done. Pay attention there, it is in the past tense that my identity is thoroughly bound.

What I have done.

That is the closest one may come to the true identity of that piece of earth that we hold in our body.

Not our Country, not our Religion, not our Colour; simply our actions.

The sum collection of who you have been.

Again, completely in the past tense, but we have to come up with some arrangement to identify who is what.

I am 27 today, I was born in 1990.

According to my situation meaning my 3 spatial dimensions, and time the fourth vertical dimension, I acted.

I know there are more dimensions but since I haven’t seen them, I will currently refrain from commenting on how exactly they may have affected my reaction.

So let’s come back to 4D.

The space and time of those years or moments dictated my actions.

So yet again, the definition of identity further weakens when you see it this way.

No longer are you truly anything, you just are what your situation warrants.

Response to stimuli this is called.

We respond to our stimuli and then we have the cause and effect thing in there and then we live what we made.

Sometimes if we are smart we learn how it works and then exert control over the situation the next time around; or like most people, ignore the lesson hold on to emotions and ruin the world.

This is what happens most times.

The situation arose so we could learn but now the situation has become the definition of ourselves and we are using weapons to demonstrate how very attached we are to these twisted internal emotions.

I don’t get it; why are we so adamant about having an identity when we truly believe that it sucks?

On the one hand, you say that your country has gone to the dogs, so do you change the country, yes. But then how can you uphold the same values that have brought you there? How can you still want the values and identity that fucked you over in the first place?

Just say that OK, we see that we didn’t pay attention.

We were explicitly told that we are the government, Of the people, By the people and For the people.

We instead decided to hate the government, which is hating oneself. Now we know where the suffering arose.

Change it, be more interested, and vocal about what you want to do and how do you want to do it.

Remember that if your government is not working for you, you must renounce that citizenship.

It is not democratic anymore.

You as a human through your ancestors swore allegiance to an arrangement of the common resources so it would serve you.

If it has become your burden, simply say, you swear no more. Change yourself, you will find that many of us don’t give a shit about who is ruling.

Ask yourself in a year, how many times do you actually feel governed?

Is anyone coming to you and serving you and telling you what all they have signed?

Then why do you feel ruled when they do not rule?

Just do your own shit.

The baggage is given by your ancestors, your parents, your society, yourself as we have seen; everything you are is simply in the past.

What you truly are is what you do when you are alive, meaning the moment you are living, not the moment gone, but the one now.

The beauty is, when you truly are in the moment, you will even forget your own name.

You will finally know that you are just energy and now you will apply it correctly.



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