The Confused Social Media

Let’s face it, we are all on it.

All of us are on it right fucking now!

So let us not judge each other for using it, shall we?

And if we do then it is imperative to understand what it is first!

So Social media is a platform for humans to be on.

Just like the Earth is a physical platform for us to be on, like that the social media is the virtual platform for us to be on.

We are human beings. Human because of our shape and what we call this shape and beings because that is what we do! We BE! Hence, the HUMAN BEINGS!

So with the help of your device, you are able to be on this platform and tell us or show us what you are all about.

If we like you, then there is a mechanism to show it and if we don’t then there is a mechanism for that as well.

But the most important thing is to BE!

Not try to be, but just be.

If we had tried to be then we would be called ”Human try to be” not human beings!

Now come on, check what are you doing. You are holding a device and reading what I have typed. You have just been one of the things you can be, a person who reads.

Then you can be the person who understands, then you can be the person who feels or thinks and then a person who can type their own thoughts about what they read.

This is the process of a discourse which the social media was meant to provide a platform for!

So now when almost all of us are on here and many more can be brought, it takes away all the dangers of physical interaction and replaces it with the safe space of your own home. So you can now just be without interruption!

Humans are beings on the Internet!

This space is exclusively made for our species to discuss the issues of our species.

Remember that we are autonomous beings that are restricted by nothing except nature.

So we only huddled together in the name of a nation because it allowed us to share our resources in a collective and constructive manner.

If this fails to happen we don’t cease to be autonomous beings. We are still as free as the cavemen. No one and absolutely no one can bind us to a set of rules that we don’t agree with.

Think about it!

Why would you be included in a plan that doesn’t support you?

It is your land as much as the cheetah’s; so why must you believe that a fellow human can claim any of it when even a cheetah won’t agree to such a ludicrous plan?

If you are hungry on your land, it is not because you are poor, it is because you are not realising that you stand on what is yours and you have as much liberty to say no you don’t agree as you have to say you do!

So let us not please judge the human being for speaking his or her mind. You can like, share or voice your dislike but try not to troll the human being. He or she is just being!








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