The Folly of Soldiers

When I was a young girl, I was constantly reminded of how a certain few people have decided to sacrifice their lives for the safety of my country.

What a noble ambition I thought at first. This was during the phase of my life wherein I believed I was Indian and I had a duty to serve my Nation.

I was fascinated by what a person needs to feel in order to go to remote places and be ready to die.

I later found out that being in the military is the easiest option for most people.

It wasn’t due to love but lack of opportunities that these people decided to do what they did.

These people were given a handsome amount of money compared to total destitution and then given a suit of a certain colour so they feel meaning in what they do.

Sometimes if you do exactly as they say, you would get a colourful badge that your parents can keep holding when you die after killing people you didn’t know.

I ventured to find out more about this fantastic manipulation.

So, here’s how it goes.

A group of people who are currently ruling your country will have a certain few inclinations.

Let’s remember that we are human and we do things for self-preservation first.

So all the wars that were fought were really just personal conflicts of the Ruler and these silly idiots who were given a uniform are made to believe that it is not a personal conflict that they are fighting but a very noble cause of safety for the entire country.

Around age 18 when the SEX hormone is wreaking havoc on most of us, these lunatics are rounded up and asked questions about how deluded they are.

If they are perfectly deluded about their identity of self, in regard to Nationalism and if they are stupid enough to not understand anything then they are handed a gun.

Watch the video of Muammar Gaddafi getting killed.

Teenagers, Machine Guns, Idea of a Nation. It is a Soldier, just without the badges and uniform.

If you are congratulating yourself because of a uniform and a good salary, look again mate, you are just a pawn in someone else’s scheme of an EGO.

You will die, he will put a flag on your corpse and then your parents will see your stupidity.

They will find out how many people you killed that you hadn’t ever known.

They will come to terms with the fact that your upbringing by them was a disaster beyond belief.

They taught you to be unfeeling while pulling a trigger.

I do not respect the job of a soldier, I think it is one of the most fuckall jobs there is.

I do not want anyone sacrificing their life for me, I would much rather you sit at home and play Mortal Combat.

A gun doesn’t belong with a teenager who has no concept of life, let alone freedom.

It doesn’t belong to any human who hasn’t known how to create life.

Which is basically all of us.

If we can’t make what we are about to break, then a deep sense of injustice should arise in us.

If you still pull that trigger, then we know very well how fucked up your life is.

Nobody forces anyone to do such a thing.

You are choosing to kill people you do not know because a handful people told you they are bad.

Who is bad?

One person, many persons?

Who should die?

The one creating the fight, or you, the 18 year old lunatic who is excited by a gun?

Which one deserves to die?

You or the Shepherd grazing his cows in his village?

Who is the scum? You or Him?







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