The Food Problem

Everyone seems to be obsessed with this!

Do you know how many people have committed their lives to this problem?


The fuel for the body.

This comes from plants that grow on the ground and animals that live on the ground.

Sometimes when we are too hungry, we also look for plants and animals under and over ground.

Humans have eaten rats just as much as they have eaten pigeons.

We have found a way to convert anything and everything on the planet into food!

Did you know that the fish oil we consume is actually extracted from the liver of a fish called Cod?

I mean, who would have thought!

But see, we are genius when it comes to feeding.

One of the most coveted professions in the world is related to food.

Everyone adores a partner who can cook! I remember how delighted I was when my husband cooked me a meal for the first time.

Food, the joy of life. The very core of a good life.

Dolce Vita wouldn’t have become a thing if it weren’t for a pizza!

Food, the zest of life. The food that we eat also interacts with us through its colours and shapes. The tastes say a variety of things about their source and one can truly sink in a state of heightened Anandamide with this gift of life.

Food, something we love to share. All our festivals are a feast of shared food!

So why are so many of us deprived of it?

It is impossible that life would not give you her gifts. I mean, she brought you here, so how did she forget to give you the only gift that is crucial for your survival.

Every animal on the planet, even the plants, have a source of food that is directly available to them.

The trees need not work for 12 hours to get their supply of food from a boss.

Nature pours when she has too, and the soil cultivates as it must.

The animals too, seem to only walk around long enough until they find something truly enjoyable to eat.

It is all there, in walking distance! Plus the genius of a human has made it happen under our supervision!

We learnt fabulous methods of cultivation of a variety of plants. Such fabulous plants too! I can’t thank the Ancient Americans enough for the gift of chilli and potato!

We also invented methods to preserve foods and use them for special reasons.

Our diseases, our handicaps, our injuries were all remedied by gifts of nature.

So naturally, we fell in love with it.

Do you know how many poets and writers have dedicated their lives to write about everything in nature?

Even the scientists are incessantly pursuing her to explore all of her glories!

Such is our planet; kind, generous and miraculous!

So how is it that she is only kind to a few and so very harsh on others?

I was overwhelmed to see people as poor as they became right in front of me.

I had a slum upbringing, but I was not suffering any pains of poverty.

I was not starving in the sense I had no food at all, I had a little and I had learned to make do with it.

I also never really suffered a disease so grand that I would have to experience it; though I saw a few suffer them until their deaths.

I didn’t quite understand all of it at that time. I didn’t even understand the deaths of my own very well.

I am unsure if I do yet, but I realise that death in essence means a permanent check out from being ”ME”.

I didn’t know what else they had been, I just knew that they don’t exist now.

So yeah, back to food.

I saw people die because of the lack of it.

Quite a few actually. And I also saw what happens when there is a lack of it.

They don’t go silently, hunger makes them noisy within, and they act like that outside too.

I saw fights break out, I saw alcoholism, I saw psychological abuse, I saw quite a bit unfold before they eventually died.

It wasn’t good.

I was afraid of it, because people spoke of ghosts and if the alive person became so brutal, I can just imagine how vicious it would be as a ghost.

So yeah, I told myself that food seems to be important for your sanity.

Later on I learnt through school that I was right.

20% of your food directly goes to your mind, and if it doesn’t receive food then it becomes unsteady and acts out.

The animal instinct is demonstrated by the reptilian mind which focuses on survival needs.

So to a hungry person, morality is a distant concept. Morality is demonstrated by the Neo-Cortex and that is the human mind that allows us to make perfect decisions.

So if the body is incapable of supplying enough food to the Human mind, the reptilian mind will become evident.

This is true for especially the people I witnessed.

And I know that rich people have also expressed terrible behaviour but that is also a kind of greed demonstrated; whether of pride or of sex, a need is a need and people who are unable to feed their minds with complete information tend to express anti-social behaviour.

Like Plato said, knowledge is the food for the soul.

But let’s stick to the physical aspect of it. The physical food that we consume.

So the world will not facilitate your birth if there is no food for you. So why did she make us happen if so many of us already don’t have enough?

Strange question right? I know because wherever I go, the land seems to produce plenty.

So what is this poverty that is causing starvation?

If the land is producing enough, then what is causing starvation?

Gandhi was absolutely right when he said that ”There is enough in this world for everyone’s need but not enough for anyone’s greed”.

I saw it for myself.

So what is poverty?

Why the starvation?

I am unable to figure the real cause of the problem, but here’s what I  found out so far.

The farmers cultivate plants and tend animals.

They find people to help out in harvest and pack the produce to take to the cities; in cities they are bid upon and then they are sold around the world by people who are called businessman.

These people are given the opportunity by the people of the land to make good negotiations and bring back as much wealth as they can to encourage growth and prosperity in their land.

So they do; the international market sells ants from India just as much as eagles from Arabia.

You are able to taste Wasabi in walking distance if you are reading my blogpost.

Do you know that Wasabi only grows in Japan? So a root that grows somewhere on the banks of a river in Japan travels all the way to your neighbourhood because of this thing called trade!

The businessmen find a way to bring whatever their nation requires from around the world in exchange of the produce they make.

So why are people starving you ask?

Right, so this is where things get interesting.

The farmers and the helpers and the transport and the government and the businessmen and basically all hands exchanging each other are exchanging for SELF-PRESERVATION.

I know right!

Fuck me, I was surprised when most people in this world spoke of feeding my family, myself, my this my that!

I said so many times to them; hell plant your own food in your own backyard and quit this mind-numbing job if self-preservation is all you need.

The goal was to have a better life. The food for feeding is right here!

Stop working long hours for it.

Produce only in exchange for a better world.

What is the point in great cars if you breathe in Carbon-Monoxide?

You are giving yourself cancer as you give yourself a momentary ride!

The food for feeding is right here!

The crap you think in terms of money is just pure bullshit!

If working for money is feeding your family, then why do you plant trees on a vacation with your offspring?

Why give him the bullshit of nature is life when you live it so unnaturally?

Think whether we are really poor or we just think we are poor?

Also think that if most of your food gets wasted, are you wasting your money or a supply of food that had a rightful owner?

If it grew, it had a mouth to feed.

Did it?

And now think, if we destroy every breathing space for the sake of a job, what will we eat?

They say that every 3rd person will live in a slum within 25 years.

That is too soon.

And I want you to know that slums are very far from ideal.

But when we look at it from this perspective, do you think that the economist’s idea is far-fetched?

Do you not think that shaving the planet of food will bring poverty of the body?

And if it brings poverty to the body, imagine the one it brings to that soul.








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