The Fuckery of Jobs!

Jobs Jobs Jobs!

Wherever I go people keep complaining about this.

In America, in Asia, in Africa!

Everyone wants a job.

They all have reasons for this complaint.

Some want to buy food for family, some have food but they want to give education to their children, some have food and free education but they want to give the latest toys to their children, some have all of this but they want to give a headstart to their children, so on and so forth.

Jobs are the means to get money so you can buy what you need.

Humans need food, clothing and shelter.

Food is grown in Nature, Clothes also, and homes are built on Nature.

I don’t understand why do you have to beg for a job that doesn’t actually let you do any of the Natural stuff.

All three needs of you, your children and their children are met right here.

Below your ass really!

That is how much in control you are.

But still, you keep begging for a job from a lunatic who fails at his own job.

Jobs are the name for an activity that we do to improve our lives.

What is not good about your life?

If you know it and you fix it then that is a job well done!

You will get food this way, clothes, technology, space, happiness, everything.

But we want to go the Hitler way; hate a small group of people, kill them, take their share of the resources and call yourself a useful piece of shit!

You don’t get rich by murder.

You become a murderer when you commit murder.

You don’t become rich out of nowhere, RICH is the ANTONYM of POOR.

If there are poor that means someone stole their share and that someone is called Rich!

So if you want to be Rich, steal. The entire constitution is written for you to take advantage of Nature.

But don’t call yourself successful! You simply stole, a pickpocket does it more interestingly than you!

So now, what is a job?

Most of them suck the life out of us.

They keep us in a room in unhealthy positions for a period of 8 hours if you are lucky and then you are told to leave for ”FUN” but because of the JOB you are unable to have any!

So why do you keep doing it?

When all food, clothing and shelter are right under your feet!

Please understand this well.

It is important that we all see it so we can stop torturing ourselves. We don’t need to become ugly to later have a better life. We can all enjoy Earth’s bounty now. Just take care of it as you like to do anyway during your free time.

Of Mice and Men, a story of an extraordinary friendship at an extraordinary time.

Steinbeck clearly showed how we all get stuck in a loop because of that one simple dream. Living off the land.

How very simple it is. It’s right below our feet. Very easy to reach, just bend.

That one simple move of touching the land with acknowledgement would render you free from the burden you carry.

It will allow you to quit your job and join life.

Earning a living is a deterioration of the state of life. Life grows quite out of our control.

So why are you structuring your day as though you have to pay for it?

The trees aren’t asking you for money, neither are the animals.

We just take what we need and move on.

So how did we get convinced to do a job in the first place?

Because we wanted a better kind of life. This one that we live is most definitely not it. The very food here is causing disease.

So maybe we fucked up and maybe we must backtrack a bit.

What went wrong, ahhhhh we started worshipping the thieves of the society.

Get rich fast! Doesn’t this already raise suspicion? Then why are we surprised at the rich people’s activities, their very agenda was to steal!

You can’t get rich without taking someone else’s share!

What do you sell that you have yourself made? You took something from the earth and made something out of it.

The goal for such genius was to eradicate the bad side of things.

Medicine, Education, Research, Space, etc.

These were the things that were taking us forward.

But now all that money is channelled at selling everything as a commodity!

From endangered animal’s skins to the flesh of a child!

It is grotesque you guys!

This is no way to live. How can you live in a world that is so exploitative?

And what is the reason one may have to abuse a child or skin an animal?

What need are we fulfilling?

We aren’t anymore on needs. We have reached some massive levels of greed though.

Our idols, the ones we stuck a poster of in our bedrooms turned out to be beastly creatures.

Why are we surprised though. We all know that to get to the top of this world you have to compromise your principles.

They say right, an honest man has no place in our world?

It’s true! No one can come out of this game without some dirt on themselves.

How can we go through something nasty without being a part of it?

So these idols of ours now crumble and show us the end of such a game as well.

Enjoy this bit too. You were learning how to live from them, now see what you will live if you carry on.

Isn’t this fantastic. We can actually see the entire show unravel. Beginning to end.

We know how they rose and we saw how they fell and we can watch it when we want!

They played their role fabulously well. I still appreciate them all. One of the finest lessons of life played out for us.

The consequences of Individual Success.

We began to work for a better life, life as in collective.

Not your own individual life. That is no way to live here.

You can if you want, but you will be served as you deserved.

And the camera, you see, will be on you and so will our eyes!







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