The Insistence on Happiness

I grew up in an environment wherein for a number of years my poverty was explained to me as the sins of the last lifetime.

Even as a child I was sceptical of this explanation so you can imagine what I think about it now.

The reason my elders said this to me is so that I could learn to be happy with my situation and strive to be better in this lifetime.

So I did.

I grew up to earn a salary that would buy whatever I wanted at the swipe of a card.

I lived in five stars, I flew all over the world, I owned all kinds of crap so on and so forth.

However, the happiness bit, that did not occur.

In fact, if anything, it made me unhappy.

So I understood that economic well-being is no measure of the quality of life one lives.

A rich human like myself wanted to jump off the balcony; so if money meant happiness, this happiness almost killed me.

So I rerouted myself to the people that inspired me.

The ones who really were happy and their activities quite proved it.

So I started to work in that direction. The one that gives you real true joy.

But as I was going on this journey I met several others who had quite the same vocabulary as me but a totally different meaning.

They believed that happiness is that thing that gives you pleasure even when you feel pain.

What rubbish!

Pleasure is the Antonym of Pain.

So how can one seek pleasure in the pain they are going through?

So ridiculous this notion!

Mind you, these people hadn’t even experienced the P of pain and yet they are suggesting that the people who are hungry and harassed should love their pain!

Fools and lunatics! We live among fools and lunatics!

A human is a fantastic mechanism of what we know as existence.

Existence simply means to be.

If a situation is enjoyable you enjoy it, and if a situation is troublesome you endeavour to fix it!

Do you understand this? Do you understand that a bent over individual, no matter how hard he smiles, doesn’t eradicate the fact that this is not an ideal situation and the bitch of the matter is, we can quite easily fix that pain!

So the modern day Buddhists and Yogis who are paying shit loads of money to be free of their pain are advising the poor to bear their own without any respite!

Fuckall losers! Really fuckall losers speak like this! Don’t be under any illusion that you don’t sound like the most massive hypocrite in the world!

At least I view you like that. One piece of life thinks you have disgusting double standards! There I said it, you suck!

If a human is going through some trouble, listen to it. Don’t give your half-baked advice of detachment!

Detachment quite literally means that you don’t attach yourself to the situation and view it objectively. When you do so you will find the intelligence to fix a problem that ails a human.

That is being Buddha. Buddha means Intelligence! Higher Intelligence!

Your stupid advice of smile and be happy no matter what is really just stupid!

Smile at the world, because it is beautiful but fix your problems because they are problems don’t invent a new story to explain your pain!

Your pain has a remedy, just as everything in nature.

So find it fool! Don’t let anyone tell you to be happy with what you have. Demand better, this is your world too!

People nowadays are telling me that the smoke I inhale is just the way nature functions.

I have learnt nature, and I know that nature has a very strict rule.

Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

So if I am breathing in carbon monoxide it is not nature’s wonderful way of greeting me; it is the work of an idiot who doesn’t understand how nature functions!

I know I sound too aggressive and believe me I have been told to be happy several times.

But I know better than to just be happy, I would like to be efficient and do justice to my existence.

My existence which is equally yours.

You may want to tell yourself and others that everything is great and everything is perfect just as God planned.

But I am here to say that No! Not at All!

My consciousness quite loudly says that I must endeavour to fix this shit not to live in it.

I noticed a few of my friends confiding their emptiness to me, but just as they finish saying so they insist that they are happy.

I find this degrading that a human can no longer confide their feelings in another without being told to be happy!

Language tells us how we are doing and if my friends are using their vocabulary to insist on their happiness even when they feel none I will call it delusion.

We live in a delusion wherein we ourselves are stopping ourselves from being better.

And that I am sure God doesn’t quite appreciate.






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