The Societal Drama

If you have been reading me a while, you will know that I don’t speak so much of the world around me in specific.

Yes, I do philosophise but I do not make straight references to any institutions or people.


Because I have not the experience to speak about them directly, neither did I have the position.

I am not an activist, I am not a journalist, I am not a politician, I am none of those things.

But I am a citizen and recently I have been trying very hard to exercise my rights.

I had bought a property in Hadapsar, Pune.

Its name is Kalpataru Serenity in Manjri.

With the dreams of living a decent life, yours truly paid a hefty sum for a simple village surrounding.

There were trees, small homes, and plenty of open spaces to build a decent infrastructure.

So I readily submitted my trust in Kalpataru Developers who have boasted of being experienced and bragged about having expertise.

In a beautiful and carefully done brochure, they gave me a physical illusion of how lovely my life would be!

There were balconies outside each room, the bathrooms were neat.

The kitchen was simple but elegant and the careful furnishings provoked my creativity.

They gave me a paper called the cost sheet and asked to sign the dotted line.

I signed to book the apartment at a token price and hoped that Kalpataru Developers have earned enough name in the market to not default.

I also ignored the clause that said if I cancelled then they will charge me a fee.

I assumed that if they fuck up then the law applies to them as well.

Naive democratic idiot!

You will be right in calling me that!


Because I soon learned that even if Kalpataru is late in the building, I will be the one to initiate the cancellation.

Which leaves me without equal rights.

Because they have unlawfully hooked me through this paperwork.

And if I contest then I will have to stand the queue of the overloaded courts.

Overloaded how?

Overloaded that several buildings in the courts are occupied by loose papers stuffed together in a cloth.

Yeah, you got that right.

The lives of several people are perfect breeding grounds for cockroaches to lay their eggs.

And the saddest aspect of it is the apathy.

The sheer total apathy of the people who work there.

They listen to the cases and file the papers but they appear unmoved.

Everyone looks excited only about a bribe.

A little bit of money that they can receive in order to do the job they are paid for.

But this doesn’t stop here.

I wasn’t a fool to buy a home that was not registered with the governing body of the city.

I signed on documents that were issued by the local governing body.

But a visit to this building revealed a sad reality.

It was understaffed and totally unorganised.

I spent over 6 hours to procure the simplest documents.

And the Public Information Officer ratted me out to the builder!

Under the Right to Information Act, the PIO is not even meant to ask me my reason to inspect and this fuck told on me to the very entity I am endeavouring to investigate against.

Terrified I left from the office with whatever documents I had laid my hands on.

And began the procedure to report this incident to the Commissioner of Police Pune.

Guess what did he say?

That he will report the incident to the Chairman of the PMRDA.

Why would he do that if he really has to report the incident to the State Information Officer or the Central Information Officer?

Fantasize a bit.

I did too.

But I followed his instruction to visit the local police station under the Economic Justice Cell.

There I found the legal head and the Sales head of Kalpataru team chatting to the officers about their salaries.

The Officer that I was meant to meet was advocating the case on behalf of Kalpataru and my husband was asked to be quiet because he is not the legal owner of the flat.

I did not even get the mandated papers, let alone my money.

So I am now going to ask the authorities how this fraud took place if Pune is such a small city full of educated people.

After all, it is called the Oxford of the East!














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