What do we see?

I can’t tell you how very obsessed I am with this question lately.

The only reason why I think I am here is because I am consciously taking note of what my eyes can behold.

Many now tell me that I am nothing but a computer; but if that was true then why am I not only recording things for which I am designed, why am I seeing and recording more?

Hence, I feel that I am not a computer.

Far from it actually; I recently took a deeper look at how I see, meaning the process of viewing.

It goes something like this. The eyes are like a lens that pick up light and shadows.

Just like a camera lens creates a photograph (photo=light and graph is paper), we, too, have a photograph making mechanism in our heads.

Our lens pick up the lights and shadows and the image is created on the back of the retina.

This image is then viewed by us almost instantaneously and we record what we see.

So if I behold my friend in a crowd, I will recognize that just as soon as I behold her I smile and wave.

Why do I smile and wave?

Smile is a construct that allows us to translate an emotion.

Similarly, a wave is a social construct to again translate an emotion.

So basically whatever I am seeing is to translate what my heart feels.

I had learnt as a kid to pay attention to my shits to keep a track of my physical health.

It was ludicrous in the beginning to get up from the pot and check to see if everything was  as usual, but slowly I realised that the shits also have a colour and form because even they are talking to us.

Now I saw what it meant to see.

I was earlier only recording and acting on what my thought structure was commanding of me, but now I know that I evolutionarily developed to register only what is important to my survival here.

But I have enough food in the fridge, enough clothes in the cupboard and enough joy in my world, so now do I record things just evolutionarily or do I up the game?

So I decided I will up the game.

When I did, I realised that I am much more than I previously believed.

I realise that the thing that actually watches the image on the back of the retina is definitely not the physical me.

It is the pineal gland.

The pineal gland gets its name from the Pine Cone.


It looks exactly like it.

This cone is the design of life. Just like a flower blooms in a pine cone fashion, one petal at a time in perfect harmony, like that even the pine cone in our head is designed to evolve in a way that accurately grows our body and thoughts in a harmonious way.

But then why are we not experiencing the harmony?

Look at your world, assess your behaviour and be honest to yourself.

Have you been allowing your mind do the thinking or have you been doing the thinking based on rubbish incomplete information?

If it is the latter, try letting the pine cone evolve your mind and you just be the physical mechanism that allows the system to work at its best potential.

So now you know that your physical body is just the input mechanism, it is no more than that.

Giving it any more importance would be further damaging your chances of truly blossoming here.

So sit down and relax. That is life in essence, pure joy.

Why do you not like something?

Have you a reason, then stop being silly and take it in.

Explore what you see, don’t be afraid of it. The more you see the more stuff the brain has and the more efficiently it will serve you.

Think of the sky as your roof and the land as your floor. This is your home.

Love watching your home, and see if this new type of positive information brings happiness or not.

If not, go back to your old ways, but at least try.


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